Afghans protest against the USA, President Joe Biden on a vacation

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Hundreds of Afghans protested outside the White House in the United States and blamed the Biden administration for pushing the country into chaos. Afghans also urged to sanction Pakistan.

It comes in the wake of the Taliban once again establishing its authority in the country after a gap of two decades. Women will bear the brunt of this takeover the most as they would be subject to medieval and orthodoxy laws of the Taliban.

President Joe Biden faces condemnation the world over for his disastrous move of pulling out forces in haste. Biden is in abeyance after the situation turned chaotic in the strife-torn country and is said to be vacationing in Maryland. He is yet to release any statement on the deteriorating security in Afghanistan.

Mayhem was observed at Kabul airport as Afghans swelled at the airport to flee Afghanistan and were scampering with their belongings to get into an aircraft. NATO had to fire shots in the air to tame the unruly crowd. People who had clung to aircraft were later seen falling midway from the flight. A few desperate Afghans who went on to hold the tyres of the plane fell to their deaths.

Things are unravelling dramatically in geopolitical space concerning the Taliban. China is reported to have given recognition to the Islamist group to secure its strategic interests while the Russian envoy is scheduled to meet them.

China shares around 76 kilometres of borders with Afghanistan and has assured them to reconstruct the country economically. Russia in the past had hosted the Taliban in Moscow numerous times.

An emergency meeting has been called by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) following the forced takeover of the country by the Taliban. UN Secretary-General has condemned the reprisal so have the members of the United Nations.

The Taliban is hosting its flag atop government buildings.

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