High Court to Govt: declare cow as the national animal and its protection, the fundamental right

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The Allahabad High Court has ruled to make the cow the national animal of India. The observation was made by Justice Shekar Kumar Yadav while denying bail to the accused named Javed, who had slaughtered the cow after stealing and store its meat.

Justice Yadav stated that the accused Javed is a habitual offender and could repeat the offence if he is granted bail leading to communal disharmony.

He, in his ruling, asserted, ‘the right to life is above the right to kill’ and consuming beef cannot be a fundamental right while protection of cow should be. Beefeaters are not privileged to fundamental rights but those who worship and depended on cows, for survival.

One cannot take away life to satiate his taste. The cow is identical to Indian culture, and we should be rooted in it. We are enslaved when we tend to forget our traditions.

The signal bench court of Justice Shekar Kumar Yadav quoted science and epic to signify the importance of cows in Indian culture.

The cow is the only animal, as per scientific findings, that inhale and exhale oxygen, and its usefulness never fades even it is aged and sick. One cannot have the right to kill an animal that is worshipped as a mother, read the ruling.

The court also came down heavily on shelter homes where cows are abandoned once they become unproductive and urged the government to look towards it.

Justice Shekar Kumar Yadav asked the government to make the cow the national animal citing, it would not only necessitate actions against those seeking to harm the cow buts also those who squeeze money in the name of cow protection.

Muslim rulers in the past also valued the significance of the cow in Indian culture and had banned its slaughter, said Justice Shekar Kumar Yadav.

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