Indore Becomes The First District In India To Administer Its Entire Population with the First Dose Of COVID Vaccine

Image source: India Today

Indore has become the first district in the country, to vaccinate its entire eligible population with the first dose. Indore, the city, received the first dose of vaccination against the COVID-19 by August 13, whereas the district accomplished it on August 31.

The city has a population of 18.81 lakh who are entitled to receive the jab, and the district’s overall population is 42.41 lakh of which 28.07 lakh are in the targeted group. Indore is also said to have administered around 10 lakh of the eligible population with the second dose.

The district administration has employed a compressive strategy to vaccinate the population and had roped in political and community leaders of all hues besides entrusting all sorts of departments functioning in the district.

Indore’s district administration had set up about 2000 vaccination centres across the district, 25 pink centres specifically for pregnant women and 12 drive-in centres besides rolling out 100 mobile teams to inoculate the remotely located population, to achieve its stated target.

A two-day Maha Vaccination Abhiyan conducted by the government of Madhya Pradesh on August 25 and 26 helped Madhya Pradesh administer 40 lakh doses to its population.

Agar-Malwa is the next district in Madhya Pradesh after Indore with 90 per cent vaccination, while Bhopal has vaccinated 88 per cent of its population.

The capital city, Bhopal, has received 17.23 lakh doses and is the second-highest after Indore.

Madhya Pradesh has administered 3.83 crore first doses, while 82.19 lakh people have received the second dose.

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