Bihar Education Minister Chandra Shekhar says ‘Ramcharitmanas’ spread hate

Author, Rishika Jain

Bihar’s Education Minister, Chandra Shekhar was addressing the students at Nalanda Open University  in its 15th Convocation Ceremony on 11th Jan 2023 where he made certain controversial remarks about Ramcharitmanas that made Bihar politics turn around a Minister’s Remark.

While addressing students, he said that Tulsidas’s Ramcharitmanas are spreading hatred in the society. By following his statement, he said that Ramcharitmanas clearly stated that the people of lower caste should not be allowed to access education as it can make them poisonous just like the milk does to the snake. He also said that the Manusmriti, Ramcharitmanas and Bunch of Thoughts by Guru Golwalkar are spreading hatred in the first era, second era & third era respectively.

These remarks by the Education Minister caused a flood of statements by the BJP spokespersons & ministers. Shehzad Poonawalla tweeted that the RJD is trying to influence a particular vote bank by making controversial statements. He followed by saying that the few days before, Jagdanand Singh marked the Ramjanmabhumi as a place of hatred that clearly shows RJD motive to influence a vote bank. He also asked if any action will be taken against them or not.

The leader of opposition, Samrat Chaudhary designates Chandra Shekhar as a mentally unstable person. Another BJP MLA, Hari Bhushan Thakur asked the minister to put out the same kind of statement against Islam, if he is a real man. MP Chirag Paswan accused Nitish Kumar for disturbing the religious sentiments of common people. Many opposition leaders like Vijay Sinha demanded the FIR against the Minister for creating difference in the society.

Amid all these, Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya, seer of Ayodhaya strongly said that either the minister should be laid off within a week or he will provide a reward of Rs 10 crore for the person who will cut the minister’s tongue.

In response to opposition marks, Chandra Shekhar said that he will not apologize because he only highlights the casteist & derogatory remarks present in the Ramcharitmanas & not spoke out anything made-up. Further, he said that if people want to cut his tongue or shoot him, they can because he is not going to apologize for it.

In this turmoil of statements, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar separated him from the statement by saying that he is in Darbhanga & is unaware of the real statement. He further said that he will have a talk with the minister about his words.

Rishika Jain is a student of Delhi School of Journalism, University of Delhi. Views are personal.

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