Government officials slam Jack Dorsey’s statement claiming threatens of Twitter shutdown in India

Twitter Founder and former Twitter CEO and Founder is being slammed by government officials in regards to the statement he made about India on Monday. 

During the interview Dorsey was asked to cite some anecdotes of the pressure that the company and he were under and what it was to be in a position to have some of the most powerful people on earth come to him, demanding things of his company. In response Dorsey gave the example of India saying -“India is a country that had many requests around the farmers’ protest, around particular journalists that were critical of the government. It manifested in ways such as, ‘We will shut Twitter down in India’ – which is a very large market for us, ‘We will raid the homes of your employees’ – which they did, ‘We will shut down your offices’ – if you don’t follow suit. And this is India, a democratic country. Turkey is very similar…”

The Square developer’s statement outraged many government officials. Union Minister of state for entrepreneurship, skill development, electronics and technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar  slammed Dorsey’s statement stating it to be an “outright lie”.  The minister further added that during Dorsey’s tenure as the CEO, he and his team were in repeated non-compliance of the Indian laws and that they had a problem accepting the sovereignty of Indian law.  Chandrashaker also said that no one was sent to jail nor was the microblogging site shutdown. 

“Between 2020-2022, Twitter was violating Indian law multiple times. It started complying with the law only in 2022. During that entire period, nobody went to jail, and nobody was raided. Jack Dorsey knowing very well that Twitter did not comply with any law and didn’t face any consequence, is today lying and making stories about raids and arrests”, Chandrasekhar said.

Condemning Dorsey’s statement, former IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said “At the time, Twitter didn’t comply with Indian laws. It is clear that all social media platforms are respected in India but they have to abide by the law of the land,” as quoted by news agency ANI.

Union Minister Anurag Thakur also lashed out at Dorsey’s statement claiming it to be a “blatant lie”. He further added that Dorsey’s statement comes as the General elections 2024 approach the country. 

Story by Devanshi Verma / Post By Alok Kumar

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