Non-state entities and irresponsible states use terrorism as a weapon of choice: Rajnath

Source – PTI

Non-state actors and irresponsible governments have used terrorism as a weapon of choice to further their political aims in the region, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said on Thursday in a thinly veiled attack on Pakistan.

Singh stated at a Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) conference on the role of women in the armed forces that the notion of security is experiencing a “paradigm shift” and that member states of the grouping will have to deal with threats such as terrorism cooperatively.

“Security as a notion is experiencing a paradigm shift. The changing nature of conflict is bringing threats from beyond our borders, into our society, and among our citizens. The most visible and terrible embodiment of this reality is terrorism “he stated

“It has been used as a weapon of choice for the advancement of political aims by non-state actors and irresponsible states alike,” Singh said at the virtual event.

The defence minister said the SCO has rejected terrorism in all its manifestations, noting that women have been and will remain equal contributors in the fight against the menace.

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