PM Modi publicises his caste but shies away from census, chastises the mindset not Brahmins: Dr. Udit Raj to TDM

Source: FB/Dr. Udit Raj

Dr. Udit Raj is the national spokesperson of the Indian National Congress and had been a member of the 16th Lok Sabha from 2014-2019, representing the North-West Delhi constituency. Dr. Raj is a prominent face of Dalits in India known for vociferously raising their causes and heads the All India Parisangh (AIP).

Dr. Udit Raj in a Q & A with ‘The Democratic Mirror’ answered multifarious questions on social justice, women empowerment, flawed economic policies of the government and the Congress leadership. 

Does he berate Brahmins or Brahmanism? Dr. Udit Raj exhorted to bring to notice any such tweets or comments of him that berate Brahmins. He also outlined how even the Brahmins speak against Brahmanism. Everyone speaks against casteism. Dr Raj repeated, he had never commented against Brahmins but a mindset. He delineated how in Dr. Ambedkar’s paper titled ‘Education Society,’ four of the eleven people were Brahmins. There is no such notion of bashing Brahmins, and people tend to misquote the truth. 

Dr. Udit Raj further elaborates, casteism is a disgrace that needed to be opposed unanimously, by every caste. It is a hurdle preventing others from enjoying their true potential and a major roadblock for development. India at large is poor in comparison to the United States and Europe. He set out the example of how even the rich in India cannot afford to have a centralised air conditioner in houses while even the poor in the US tend to have it. The quality of life, freedom, education and standard is way higher in western countries, which even the richest people in India struggle to avail themselves of. This is the reality of India. We experience what we as a society create. 

Dr. Udit Raj opined, he seeks to have opportunities and facilities for everyone alike, irrespective of caste and creed in India. No one should migrate to other countries to avail themselves of the same. Why compels others to send their kids abroad? This is what he intends to bring about in India.

Dr. Raj stressed, he equally champions women in India as even Brahmin women faced exploitation though they were financially well off. Materialistic pleasures do not reflect in their freedom and choices. They continue to be dictated by their male heads. He said, he even voice for them. 

He condemns RSS for being anti-women as no woman has ever found at its place in Nagpur (RSS Headquarter). RSS chief Mohan Bhagwan has himself explained the marriage to be a social contract, which the man can exit at any time when women are found disobeying men. Even religious texts depict women to be the cause of the concern, who face wrath at the hands of males.  The word respect is itself illusionary. Women are deceived with such verbose assurance. Real empowerment of women, can be realised through economic rights. 

On apprehension of the government’s ambitious ‘National Monetisation Pipeline’ that Monetisation will lead ownership to private players. Dr. Raj said, it is just the nomenclature while the ultimate objective remains the same. Ex-PM Pt. Nehru nationalised the LIC in 1956, while the history of 1818 bears testimony to the reality that private insurance companies used to fleece people. Similarly, banks, coals and others were private entities before being nationalised. It was Pt. Nehru and Smt. Indira Gandhi nationalised and transferred the ownership to the public. Railways belong to people, illustrated Dr. Udit Raj. 

Dr. Raj also countered the government’s claim of generating employment opportunities and revenue via the ‘National Monetisation Pipeline,’ by highlighting the debt of the government. The government has earned somewhere between 20 to 22 lakh crore through its taxation on petrol and diesel.  The same in comparison to the 6 lakh crore monetisation plan is minuscule. He questioned the government over its rationale of revenue deficit when it has amassed about 22 lakh crore imposing a tax on fuels and whether the government can meet its stated objectives with the 6 lakh crores.

This monetisation plan is nothing but a trick to prop selected capitalists that deserve to be opposed by everyone. Businessmen, to maximise their profits, will lessen human resources and opt for technological intervention like Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their operation.  

When asked about his take on the caste-based census, Dr. Raj approbated, ‘it was Prime Minister Narendra Modi who initiated this rage by emphasising the castes of his ministers and promulgating himself as an OBC.’ If PM Modi can introduce his ministers by their castes to score political points, then what is wrong with seeking caste-based census by other parties. 

Dr. Udit Raj also seconded the RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav, who claimed, if flora and fauna, can be counted, why not castes. To Dr Raj, the census should also do away with religion if the government intends not to count OBC.

On the question of who is responsible for bringing Dalits into the mainstream, political parties or society? Dr Raj held society liable for this and put out the case in point of the United States where whites stood for blacks.

Dr. Raj has shared a video on his social media platform of a jawan seeking an enquiry into the Pulwama attack. The matter was regarded to be sensitive. To this, Dr. Raj said, ‘there was nothing sensitive about the Pulwama attack when the government had neither paid heed to the intelligence and nor airlifted the jawans despite having an input of such deadly attack.’ Dr. Udit Raj quoted TV anchor Arnab Goswami, whom he referred to as the spokesmen of the government, who was said to be elated over the attack. The truth will tumble out only when this government goes out. 

On Rahul Gandhi meeting with the family of the rape victim in Delhi, Dr Udit Raj responded, why had not the Hindu organisation or its affiliates gone to meet the victim’s family and Rahul Gandhi was not wrong by his raising the voice of the voiceless. Had it been a cow entire Hindutva brigade would have made a beeline to the place.  PM Modi can tweet on a pointless issue but had not done on the girl. The Home Minister can campaign even for a municipal election but had not visited the house of the victim that is hardly 20 km from him. 

Dr. Udit Raj ended by drawing the bogus care of BJP towards the downtrodden in India.


Watch TDM’s Q & N with Dr. Udit Raj

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