Taliban likely to overrun Kabul; 30 miles away, US sends troops

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Amidst the raging Taliban offensive in Afghanistan, various western nations have scrambled troops to safely evacuate their diplomats, staff and citizens. The dreaded insurgents are now miles away from the country’s capital.

The US has asked its embassy members to incinerate and shred all sensitive materials and documents, and it is redeploying 3000 troops to secure airports and facilitate evacuation. The US is also sending additional troops to its bases in the Gulf to serve as a reinforcement in an emergency. Helicopters are seen hovering over US diplomatic premises in the soundly secured green zone of Kabul.

Similarly, United Kingdom will station around 600 troops to aid the exit of its nationals to form the country. Other nations that have called for the withdrawal of staff from their embassies are Denmark, Norway, Spain and Netherland.

As more and more provincial capitals fall to the Taliban, there is a report that Afghanistan’s Vice President has fled the country. The Islamist group have seized the second and third largest cities, Kandahar and Herat, while the Afghan forces are overwhelmed and giving up without any resistance in some places.

The Taliban now claims to control a third of the country’s provincial capital. It, since August 6, has seized 14 of the 34 provincial capitals. The fall of Kandahar to the Taliban is a tremendous setback to the Afghan government as it being the bastion of the Islamist group.

US intelligence indicates, Kabul could be overrun by the terrorist group in a month if the spree of Taliban continues unabated. The world is aghast at the unfolding of the dangerous situation in Afghanistan. Over 250,000 people have been displaced since the onslaught in May.

Two decades of a fight against the militant group is proving to be futile and giving rise to the apprehension of overturning the advances made in human rights. Women and girls will be the first to bear the brunt of the Taliban’s orthodoxy regime. Trillions of dollars were poured into all such exercises in Afghanistan.

Conflicts are taking a toll on human lives, specifically on children and women, and have crippled vital infrastructures. As per the ‘Save the Children’, 72,000 are children, of all who are escaping to the capital city.

Encampments have been set up at the periphery of the city, while some sleep on the streets of Kabul, fearing for their lives. If things do not improve from here, the country could plunge into a humanitarian crisis.

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