AAP protests outside BJP’s HQ for selling Rs 200 Cr worth Novelty Cinema in Chandni Chowk at 34 Cr

The Aam Aadmi Party encircled the BJP headquarter in the national capital to protest against the sale of Novelty Cinema’s site at a throwaway price. The BJP led MCD body has allegedly sold the Rs 200 worth of land in Chandni Chowk for just 34 crores. It is also said to be one of the high-end properties in the area.

AAP demands the withdrawal of the decision and vows to protest against it until the same is not taken back.

Aam Aadmi Party’s National Secretary Pankaj Gupta, leading the protest, accused the BJP led MCD of delivering poor governance and practising corruption. The MCD is now resorting to selling properties to fill its pocket after failing to provide the facilities as provided by the Arvind Kejriwal led Delhi government.

Pankaj Gupta also criticised the BJP for generating inadequate revenue to sustain the Municipal Corporations and carry out sanitary works. Schools and hospitals run by them are deplorable, for which the entire Delhi is a witness. BJP is certain to lose the Municipals in the coming elections.

While AAP MLA Kuldeep Kumar tore into the BJP saying, it has only inflicted pain on the people of Delhi in the last 15 years by its terrible MCD’s governance. The same BJP does not have money to pay salaries to employees of MCD and take up new projects but has all sorts of modes to commit scams and cheat people. MLA Kuldeep also stressed that the AAP would expose the corruption taking BJP led MCD.

The leader of Opposition of East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC), Manoj Tyagi, participating in the protest, detailed how the BJP is deep neck in corruption and some unhappy BJP councillors remains mum due to the involvement of top leadership. Councillor Tyagi further revealed how the contract to collect the garbage was awarded to a private company for Rs 250 crores which the EDMC was doing for Rs 70 crores.

North MCD’s Leader of Opposition, Vikas Goel, and various other party functionaries staging protests, echoed the same. However, the protest remained peaceful.

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