The Dilemma Of Degree or Jobs! Thousands Of Students In Rajasthan Face Uncertainty

Hundreds of thousands of students in Rajasthan are in a dilemma over exams scheduled as dates of competitive exams and University exams have clashed. The government of Rajasthan, while releasing the timetable of competitive exams, did not consider academics exams, leading to uncertainty.

Completive examinations are scheduled from September 13-18, 2021, when Universities like the Agricultural University of Rajasthan, Shekhawati University, and Open University will be simultaneously conducting exams for their respective academic sessions.

NABARD Exam is Scheduled for 17th and 18th September.

The government of Rajasthan has set the dates for SI exams from 13th to 15th September, NABARD (Grade A and Grade B), Agriculture Supervisor (State) and Electricity Department exam is scheduled on 17th and 18th, respectively while The Indian Council of Agricultural Research’s postgraduate examination will be held on 17th of September.

The Agriculture Supervisor Recruitment Examination was supposed to be held in February-March of this year but was delayed due to the COVID pandemic. Most of the students taking such competitive exams are from rural areas and were severely affected by the COVID pandemic. Their preparations also took a hit due to closures of coaching classes and frequent power cuts, and poor network in their villages hindered their online classes. 

Bajarang (Agriculture Supervisor’s Examinee)

Students have written a letter to the government.

Students have written a letter to the government of Rajasthan requesting amendment in the exams schedule, but as of now, concerned bodies have not alternated dates. Students are now left bemused to opt for either of the two exams.

The scarcity of employment opportunities drives millions of students from the countryside to take such exams.

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