Trudeau – led Govt. deports Indian students with ‘fake offer letters’

Trudeau govt passes deportation of 700 Indian students over ‘fake offer letters’ from colleges

More than 700 Indian students are facing expulsion from Canada after their school was found to have fake credentials. The fraud was discovered when the student applied for permanent residence in Canada. The Canadian Border Service agency (CBSA) reviewed the visa documents and found that the documents were forged.

Most of the students came to study in Canada 2018 and 2019. In addition they completed their studies and got work permits and gained work experience in Canada.

The Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) directed these students to leave the country by June after the authorities found the offer letter based on which he entered Canada on a study permit six years ago was fake. The students are facing deportation threats on grounds of “fake college admission letters”. Hundreds of Indian students have been protesting in Canada stating that their immigration consultation agency cheated on them. The students also said they have been provided with false documents.  

The Canadian government has now issued a stay order on deportation notices sent to the students

The Government of Canada has decided to hold the deportation of 700 Indian students at the request of Aam Aadmi Party MP Vikramjit Singh Sahney who is also the International President of World Punjabi Organization.
Vikramjit Singh Sahney on Friday said that with the cooperation of the Indian High Commission and his request, the Canadian government has decided to hold the deportation of the 700 students temporarily.

“We have written to them and we have explained to them that these students have not done any forgery or fraud. They are victims of fraud because some unauthorised agents issued fake admission letters and receipts of payments. Visas were also applied without any checking. Then when the children reached there, the immigration dept also allowed them to enter,” Vikram Sahney said.

According to the Punjab Information and Public Relations Department, in his letter to Indian High Comissioner to Canada, Sanjay Verma , Dhaliwal said, “Your kind attention is invited towards the impending deportation of more than 700 students from Canada due to fake acceptance letters of the Canadian Colleges. It is pertinent to mention that these students are innocent and have been cheated by the clique of fraudsters that includes this travel agent, officials in the Canadian Embassy in India and other agencies in Canada.”

He also requested Home Minister Amit Shah to cooperate with Punjab Government to punish travel agents who cheated the students.

“I have also sought time to meet EAM so that the whole matter can be brought to the attention of the GOI personally,” Dhaliwal added.

Written by – Aditya / Post Alok Kumar

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