Allahabad HC slams the makers of Adipurush

On June 28, Hon’ble Allahabad high court directs the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and Central Board of Film Certification to submit personal affidavit in response against the Adipurush.

The bench of Hon’ble justice Rajesh Singh Chauhan and Shree Prakash Singh slams the makers of the film ‘Adipurush’ by saying that the film portrayed the character of Lord Rama in wrong way.

Hon’ble Allahabad HC also said that “if a small documentary was made on Quran depicting wrong things than you see what will happen “

The court also criticised the nature of dialogue used in the film Adipurush. The court also questioned whether censor board fullfilled it’s duty?

The Allahabad HC said “you must not touch Quran, Bible and any other sacred texts. We may clarify that it is not about any religion but you do not show any religion in wrong way. The court has no religion.”

Written by – Sudhanshu Saini / Post Alok Kumar

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