CM Shivraj washed the feet of Dashmat Rawat, the victim of Sidhi incident, covering him with a shawl – now you are my friend

Bhopal: Politics has heated up since the incident of a BJP worker shamelessly urinating on tribal Dashmat Rawat in Madhya Pradesh’s Sidhi district. On Thursday, the victim Dashmat Rawat reached Bhopal Chief Minister’s residence. Here CM Shivraj honored Dashmat by washing his feet and covering him with a shawl. CM Shivraj said that the public is the real God for him.

CM washing the feet of the victim

Let us tell you that the incident of urinating on the face of a tribal youth in Sidhi has shaken the whole country. When its video went viral on social media, people got angry. Now politics has also started happening on this. The Congress is constantly accusing the BJP of being anti-tribal. But now Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has called the aggrieved tribal youth in the CM House and met him. Here the Chief Minister has honored the victim by washing his feet. The opposition was attacking CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan and the BJP over the inhuman incident that happened with the tribal youth, this incident created hue and cry across the country. But surrounded by all the criticisms, CM Shivraj has now played a master stroke by calling the victim. Yesterday, the CM got the bulldozer fired at the house of the accused and today called the victim to CM house and washed his feet.

The case
Let me inform you that the video of BJP leader Pravesh Shukla urinating on Dashmat Rawat went viral. After this, the political temperature of the state has gone up. Both the BJP and the Congress have formed inquiry committees to probe the matter. Pravesh Shukla, former MLA representative of Sidhi MLA Pandit Kedarnath Shukla, was arrested at around 2 pm on Tuesday night for urinating on a tribal youth. State Home Minister Narottam Mishra said on Wednesday on the direct urination incident that the act was described as very disgusting and condemnable. The law is doing its work. This is a BJP government, there is rule of law. Immediately after the video of the incident surfaced, NSA action and legal action was taken at the behest of the Chief Minister. The accused was arrested in the night. He will be kept in Rewa Jail. The administration has also demolished his house.

Video released ten days ago went viral
This video is 10 days old. In the video, a young man is sitting in Kubari Bazar of Sidhi district. Pravesh Shukla urinated on him in a state of intoxication. Someone made a video of it and put it on social media. The Congress had reacted sharply to this. Pravesh Shukla, a resident of village Kubri, was earlier the MLA representative. At present he is an active BJP worker. Pravesh Shukla belongs to a normal family.

Written by – VISHAL GUPTA / Post Alok Kumar

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