As Crime surges in the the nation Capital Delhi CM and Delhi governor get into a yet another squabble

In the past few days Delhi has reported a significant rise in crime rates. There have been numerous cases of murder and other serious crimes reported in Delhi. Two sisters  shot dead in the RK Puram’s Ambedkar basti , a school student named Nikhil stabbed till death near the gates of the Aryabhatta college are amongst some of such cases. Clearly this highlights the inefficiency of the Delhi police and also the declining state of Law and order in Delhi. However this issue too seems to have gotten strangled in petty politics. Unlike other full fledged states the law and order in Delhi comes under the ambit of the Lieutenant governor. The Delhi CM and governor got involved into yet another squabble over this. This squabble is running over letters. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal wrote a letter to lieutenant governor VK Saxena raising concerns over the Law and order situation in Delhi. The governor responded to the letter with a reply letter claiming that the Delhi government’s claims about a revolution in the health sector was a fake promise.

In his letter, he claimed that nothing big happened in the health sector despite big claims from the Delhi government. He also took a dig at Kejriwal by saying work done in Sheila Dixit’s tenure was much better. 

LG Vinay Saxena also gave various remarks like politicising every crime has become a habit in response to CM Arvind Kejriwal’s action.

However there were also some positive impacts of the letter as LG Vinay Saxena invited CM Arvind Kejriwal for a meeting for discussion on these issues.

It is notable that such spats between Delhi LG and Delhi CM is not a new thing . Several such instances have occurred in the past as well. However it is pertinent for these dignitaries to understand that it is not possible for a state for a state to run efficiently with such squabble between its governor and CM.

Written by – Sahanubhuti Krishnan / Post Alok Kumar

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