Titan submersible is ruined with all the passengers dead: Confirms US

The Titan submersible which went missing earlier this week has been a victim of a tragic implosion. The search for this missing submersible took a bleak turn on June 22 when the U.S. Coast Guard said a debris field was found at the bottom of the ocean near the Titanic.Titan sub was a deep sea submersible which took 5 passengers on voyage to the century old wreck of the Titanic. It went missing with five passengers on board. The 5 passengers who lost their lives in this catastrophic explosion of the Titan Submersible included :

Stockton Rush : He was the chief executive of a Washington based company OceanGate Expeditions, which operates the tourist dives.

 Paul-Henri Nargeolet :He was one of the vessel’s crew. French submarine operator Paul-Henri Nargeolet was nicknamed as ” Mr. Titanic”

He was a 77 year old man who  had served in the French navy for 25 years.

Hamish Harding : He was a 58 year old man ,a British aviation tycoon with three Guinness World Records . He had been indulged in numerous thrill-seeking adventures in the past too.He even became a space tourist through Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin company a year ago.He was also the founder of a company that buys and sells aircraft The name of his company is Action Aviation. His company did deals with offices in Dubai and London’s Stansted airport. This UAE based man was a multi millionaire.

Shahzada and Suleman Dawood:

Sahzada Dawood was a renowned

 Pakistani businessman . This 48 year aged man was the vice-chairman of Karachi – headquartered conglomerate Engro.His son Suleman, 19, was a university student, and both had British citizenship.

The news of the destruction of the Titan submersible has now been  confirmed by US coast guards.

This incident has drawn world wide attention. People have shared their condolences for the dead voyagers and have expressed grief over the incident.

Written by – Sahanubhuti Krishnan / Post Alok Kumar

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