Congress is the only alternative in UP, UCC and Population Control are a gimmick, Minority cell head Imran Pratapgarhi to TDM

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In exclusive conservation with TDM, well-known poet and Congress Minority cell head Imran Pratapgarhi answered about half a dozen questions on the upcoming assembly elections in UP, the current political atmosphere prevailing in the country and others.

Imran Pratapgarhi on secularism said secularism in India has been moulded, according to the convenience of some political parties who tend to present their version of it. For him, the government should be run according to the constitution of India, in the true sense, and not something to be driven by the agenda of a political party.

The Uniform Civil Code (UCC) which the government of India is contemplating to bring is just a gimmick ahead of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections to derive the political mileage. He further explained how the government of Uttar Pradesh is trying to bring in an unfeasible population control bill to polarise the voters and weaponise against a particular religious community.

The population control bill is meant to only facilitate TV debates. Imran Pratapgarhi exemplified how the ministers in UP’s Cabinet have six to eight children, and for that matter, BJP Ravi Kishan has four children. He also questioned can the government provide jobs to those who have two children and if yes then they should go ahead and if not then it is a ploy to divide.

When asked how Congress is more active on Social Media rather on the ground in Uttar Pradesh, he replied, the Congress is the only alternative right now in the state and no other political parties are in sight. He quoted how on any incident that occurred in UP, Congress has been at the forefront be it Hathras, Unnao or anti CAA, Priyanka and Rahul Gandhi lent a helping hand to victims. Imran Pratapgarhi also underlined, even the opposition parties like SP and BSP had not turned up.

According to Imran Pratapgarhi, Congress is the main opposition party in UP, although it has been out of power in the state, for over three decades.

To the question of how minorities and the scheduled population are utilised as vote banks in the country by all political parties, he retorted, the narrative itself is wrong as he does agree with the allegation of a particular community being used by a particular party. Imran Pratapgarhi opinionated, people and politics go hand in hand, and the people should actively participate in the latter.

The role of people in democracy doesn’t end with the casting of the vote and it goes beyond the election.

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