Twitter’s action reeks of double standards, Srinivas BV speaks on Rahul Gandhi’s prognosis, him being called the Oxygen Man

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IYC’s (Indian Youth Congress) National President Srinivas BV conversed with ‘The Democratic Mirror’ on several hot topics like allegations levelled against him and the organisation by the government amidst the pandemic and the subsequent investigation he faced. Srinivas BV was eulogised for his work during the pandemic and was one of the most tagged on Twitter for help.  

Srinivas BV, at the outset, rejected the sobriquet ‘The Oxygen Man’ attributed to him and stated himself to be just a dedicated worker of the Indian Youth Congress. He said he doesn’t get into this brouhaha. 

When asked how he could expedite assistance when governments were scrambling to grasp health emergencies in the country. Srinivas BV expounded, IYC in its National Executive had passed a resolution, which was presided by the former President of Congress, Rahul Gandhi, to help meet the impending challenges posed by the Covid. Rahul Gandhi’s prognosis about the rampaging second wave later proved to be true, which had given them the impetus to deal with the situation. 

Whether he received any help from the government to this, he responded, there was not an iota of support from the government and it only created hurdles in extending aid to the affected 

On the allegation of the source of contribution and police investigation he faced, Srinivas BV brought out ample explanation on funds IYC received and categorically refuted any vice in it as all the contributions were received from general people and workers of the Indian Youth Congress, residing across the length and breadth of the country. The financial crunch was met through generous donations from numerous people.  

Srinivas detailed the operation he executed during the formidable time. He had formed a thousand member team who were segregated into specific groups to oversee the specified request. 

His team had developed a database of health facilities available from Kanya Kumari to Kashmir, wherein every minute detail was taken into count. Simultaneously, different teams were addressing the availability of medicines, arranging plasma, and other vital therapeutics. His team continues to help people enrol for vaccination. 

He rebuffed the contention of oxygen cylinders at his disposal when the country was battling with severe shortage and spelt out how the same oxygen cylinders were sanitised and refilled before making them available to other patients.  

Srinivas implied the Indian Youth Congress to be the largest youth organisation in the world, which is endowed with professionals and capable people with expertise in a range of fields. Its hundreds of thousands of members are medics who substitute during a health crisis. 

On being applauded for his achievement, Srinivas BV instead thanks his leader Rahul Gandhi for reposing faith in him and entrusting him with such huge responsibilities. He also credits Rahul Gandhi for choosing a small worker like him with a humble origin to head the organisation in the national capital. 

Srinivas hails from Karnataka and when enquired about the linguistic barrier he faced in helping people in Delhi, he emphasised, one doesn’t need a language to help others, emotion, passion and zeal transcends all sorts of boundaries. 

He does not have any alternative other than his work and he is driven by his goals. 

When asked about the recent action of Twitter India against Rahul Gandhi for tweeting the image of the rape victim’s parents, he replied, it reeks of double standard and alleged that the social media company Twitter has kneeled in front of the government of India. Srinivas also questioned why no actions are taken against those who stand with rapists and there are instances when different entities have shared the picture of the victim’s family with impunity. 

To the question of women’s participation in the organization, he outlined, Indian Youth Congress as the first organisation to implement women’s reservation. IYC has reserved 33 per cent of posts for women and the same has percolated down to district level from the national level. Ex-PM Rajiv Gandhi had got the reservation for women in local bodies and even Sonia and Rahul Gandhi had too tried to bring a law in the Lok Sabha but could not be materialised due to change in the government. It also tends to implement in state assemblies. 

While replying to the leadership dilemma in Congress, Srinivas said, Rahul Gandhi, can only save this nation and its democracy from authoritarianism manifested by the ruling dispensation. He is a visionary leader, who continuously takes on the government for its anti-people policies like demonetisation, unemployment, falling GDP and others. He has been at the forefront of attacking the government, from the streets to the Parliament, over issues of national importance like the COVID mismanagement, recent Chinese incursion into India. 

Srinivas castigated the BJP for fooling the people of India with the bogus promise of ‘achhe din’ whereas, in reality, it is inflicting agony on the nation with inflation, price rise, unemployment and others. He called the Modi led government to be deaf and dumb and blind to the hardships of the poor, whom the people of this country are waiting to teach a lesson. 

He mentioned people during the second COVID wave had not died of the infection rather they died of lack of timely medical interventions and absence of oxygen, ventilators etc. The absence of health facilities caused more fatalities than the disease. 

On the recent Pegasus snooping scandal, he squarely put the onus on the Modi government and highlighted how those who broke the Rafale Scam and stories critical of Narendra Modi are reportedly snooped upon.  

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